3 Feature Wall Ideas That Are Gorgeous and Practical

There are many approaches to construct a feature wall. The consensus is that it has to be stunning and captivating, which is usually achieved through colours, motifs and materials.

This installation is all about indulging in the conspicuous and pronounced, oftentimes for sociable spaces like living and dining rooms. Some tastemakers have also taken to the bathroom to implement the idea.

In this article, we discuss three popular usages of feature wall. Instilled with a touch of pragmatism, they’ve got both beauty and brawn under the belt.

STORAGE wall in the living room

The TV area tends to be the focal point of a living room, as it is where most activities take place and visitors are looking to be accommodated. Given its prominence as a hub for socialization, it’s completely justifiable to make a statement that can impress your guests.

In that case, why not promote the TV wall to a functional feature wall? Incorporate a storage solution to the surface and form bold patterns with them. Be it hidden cupboards with unique facades or exposed shelf units in thoughtful arrangements, they could be used to make a multipurpose feature wall.

In the same vein, an open-concept kitchen can turn its cabinets into a feature wall too.

Mirror wall in small spaces

A feature wall made up of mirrors can be very catchy and classy. In rooms with limited square footage, the use of mirror is especially ideal, as it can visually open up the compartment. When placed strategically, mirrors also help capture and reflect light to illuminate darker corners.

A mirrored feature wall is particularly sensible in a dining room, another space frequently used to house guests. It allows them to regularly check on their appearances while dining.

Mirrors come in a wide variety of designs, shapes and sizes, from the intricately ornate to the elegantly minimalistic. There is no shortage of options for homeowners to craft a mirrored feature wall that fits the overall interior concept.

Water-resistant wall in the bathroom

Bathrooms constitute a large part of our daily routine. It’s where most people start their mornings, setting their moods for the rest of the day. It’s also where most people unwind after work. Thus, people are becoming increasingly concerned with the aesthetic and comfort of bathrooms.

As such, don’t be afraid to get a feature wall in the master bath, which can be made practical with ceramic tiles, marble or similar materials. They are impervious to water damage and humidity, which amounts to easy maintenance.

Master baths may not have as much guest traffic. But, like wearing divine lingerie, the well-kept secret is for your own pleasure. After all, entertaining guests is only a secondary purpose for a home.

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