5 Ways to Keep Monotone Homes Interesting

Interested in monotone homes but afraid of getting bored three months after moving in? Read this article for five interior tips that keep things interesting!

Despite their perceived simplicity, monotone homes are a bold statement. They are an open declaration of love to a certain colour, and – as an interior scheme – a long term one. Coveted for their unique visual appeal and pleasing linearity, monotone palettes save homeowners the hassle of colour pairing. However, some creative styling is still required to prevent things from becoming boring too quickly. Pay attention to these aspects to keep things interesting in your monotone home!


Texture creates depth and richness. There is a lot to explore in the fabric department alone: linen, velvet, nylon; plain or patterned. Since fabric is often featured on large furniture pieces such as beds and sofas, your decision will have a considerable impact on the overall ambience of the room. Besides that, incorporating different materials such as wood, concrete and metal in the form of accent pieces or subtle components (like studs in your dining chair upholstery) also adds to your layering efforts.


Plants are a fail-safe solution to many a styling problems. Not only are they a practical investment with your renovation budget, they breath life into our homes (quite literally). While indoor plants typically come in emerald shades that freshen a space, there remains a wide array of colour options for those who wish to stick to their chosen palette. Check out these NASA-approved air-purifying plants that are also easy to care for.

A contrasting accent

Adding a contrasting accent to a monotone room can have a dramatic effect. It often becomes the focal point and instills some surprise to the space. Think an orange sofa in a purple room – it jolts viewers awake and breaks them out of the familiar. If having a fixture in a contrasting colour defeats the purpose of a monotone room for you, use flowers: they are replaced often, and you can always remove them if you no longer like them.

Alternating shades and neutral hues

Having monotone homes doesn’t mean committing to a flat colour. Pick one and feel free to alternate between shades! Different shades of the same colour can be used for vastly different purposes: darker ones for restfulness, sharper ones for energy, and so on. If necessary, you can apply neutral hues: they add variety without standing out.

Be bold elsewhere

With such a uniform canvas, homeowners should seize the opportunity to play with other bold and fun elements. Don’t shy away from the quirkily-shaped lamp, or the protruding geometric chair. Liven the space up with catchy shapes and details. Put your collections out on display. Even if the primary colour of choice is already a blazing red, our brains will eventually get over the initial visual shock and move on to appreciate the details.

If you’re interested in monotone homes but worry about the commitment that ensues, stay safe and experiment with a smaller room first. Ultimately, a home is a manifestation of personal preferences, and homeowners should give the final nod of approval.  But when in doubt, consult a professional interior designer to help conceptualise the outcome.

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